Introducing the Innereyefull Band

Photo - Giles Boulton

Giles Boulton


Born in the Midlands now living in Tintagel Cornwall. Founder member of The Land Band and Mendy. Front man for Astralasia for six years, Quantum Quest. Influenced by every kind of music especially reggae: Bob, LKJ, Third World... Believer that music is one of the most powerful tools available to mankind. It unites people. Its message should be positive, constructive and uplifting.

Photo - Andy Kent

Andy Kent

Keyboards | Drums | Beats | Samples | Scratching | Sonic Trickery | Production

Founding member Andy grew up in London and has been a musician & DJ for almost 30 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist, he also produces other bands and has done remixes for several artists. He started out DJ'ing at parties across London in the mid 80's then went onto making his own music in the late 80's. He has played in a number of bands over the years which has always been built around Funk/Dub/Hip Hop/Breakbeat influences. He has been lucky enough to work with some very talented people including The Art Of Noise, The Deadbeats, Earl Tutu, Ashley Slater & many more.

Photo - Andy Davey

Andy Davey


Andy has been playing bass for 22 years and grew up in Cornwall. He has played in a number of different projects and has been featured on numerous recordings for bands such as Mendy, Fullerenes & Goldenburn. He is also a member of Dubblecross. He spent several years as a sound engineer at many UK festivals and performed live on stage with The Egg and Alabama 3. Andy's main passions are in Funk and Soul but has good experience in dub, roots and blues which makes him a very versatile player in many genres.

Photo - Giles Woolley

Giles Woolley


G is a composer, producer, performer and educator based in Cornwall. He owns and runs his own business called G Productions. G's main instrument is guitar although he likes to dabble in anything he can get his hands on. Giles performs solo as well as with a number of bands. Giles has written film music for Ford and the BBC. He is interested in helping others find and develop their musical talents and creativity as well as pursuing his own music of which you can listen to and find out more on the links below.

Photo - Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks


Steve Brooks is a percussionist. Family life in Warlingham, Surrey, was Jazz, Jazz, Jazz. Steve first began to play the drum kit at the age of 12, exploring and mastering, with a natural flare, a variety of styles in music. On moving to Cornwall his passion for music grew. His years behind the drum kit came to a close and took the direction of percussion. He has played alongside Derek Watkins, Andy Macintosh, Stuart Brooks & Reg Brooks to name but a few. He supported Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings. Steve Brooks can be heard live with Funky Acoustica. Nothing fazes his relaxed approach, his hands become alive on the congas. He adds depth with his array of percussion instruments. Listen and enjoy as he takes you on a rhythmical journey with this exciting project with Innereyefull.